Glen Meadow Neighborhood Association       Annual Meeting

Tuesday, September 15th at 7:00p

The GMNA annual meeting will be virtual this year using  Zoom.  We recommend logging in by 6:45p so the meeting can start promptly at 7:00pm.

To join the meeting:

  • Go to (you may be prompted to download the app to your computer or tablet)
  • Select Join A Meeting
  • Enter the Meeting ID:  872 4948 2522

You can also join the meeting by clicking the following Link:

Click Here for the Zoom Link

If you would like to receive a email in advance with the Zoom link you can request one by sending an email HERE with your name and street.  Please use "Zoom Link" in your subject

Topics to cover at the meeting include:

  • Councilmember Jennifer Gates will review the current challenges facing Dallas and answer any questions

  • Dallas Police Department will talk about current drug problems and answer any questions about neighborhood safety and security

  • ​Current GMNA Directors will provide a year in review

  • ​2020-2021 GMNA Board will be elected

You do not need to be a GMNA member to attend.  All Glen Meadow Neighbors are welcome to attend.


Atmos Energy Contacts

Dallas Emergency: 911
Before Digging: 811
Atmos Emergency Number: (800) 322-8667
Atmos Customer Service: (888) 286-6700 

Allen Hawkins, Atmos Director Operations 

2601 Logan Street, Dallas, TX 75215
Offiec: 214-426-7029

Cell: 214-316-4894


Monica Davidson, Atmos Operations Construction Manager
Office: 214-426-7082      


Jonathan Fredi, Atmos Public Relations Manager
Office: 469-644-0924 


Leticia Saenz, Atmos Public Relations
Office: 214-546-2044




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Glen Meadow Neighborhood Association members reside within the area bounded by LBJ/635 to the north, Forest Lane to the south, Midway to the east Neighborhood Association include approximately 1,100 homes.

Glen Meadow Neighbor Support Network

Hi everyone!  

It is important to know your immediate neighbors in case of any fire, police emergency, health emergency or in this case a world-wide virus pandemic.  I would like to facilitate building a Neighbor Support Network right here in Glen Meadow. 

None of us know what the impact of COVID-19/Coronavirus will be on our neighborhood, but we need to start thinking about how to adapt should our neighborhoods or houses become quarantined.  I envision a network that could help with the following things:            

  • Sharing supplies if there are shortages (i.e., Tylenol, and Acetaminophen pain relievers , cleaning products, etc.  NOTE: Aspirin, Ibuprofen’s like Aleve and Advil may worsen the coronavirus.) 

  • Bringing pre-cooked meals for families in which everyone or the main caregivers are sick.  

  • Checking in remotely on elderly residents or those who are in high-risk groups and do not live with a caregiver.  

  • Assisting with minor DIY tasks if it becomes impossible to get help.  

  • Assisting with teaching young people because of closed schools.  

  • Anything else you can think of which would be important to our neighbors

 Many of us have our own support systems, families, friends and communities, who we will help and be helped by in these challenging times.  However, while some of us have support networks, others do not.

With a large-scale shutdown across Dallas, Texas and the United States, local support networks will become particularly important.  In order to help build your own Neighbor Support Network, we encourage you to contact the following:  

  • The neighbors on both sides of you. 
  • The neighbors across the street and up a house. 
  • Your alley neighbor and up a house. 

This is a total of eight neighbors.  Ask them to provide the following information: 

  • What is your name/s? 
  • Phone number/s? 
  • E-mail address? 
  • Can you text? 
  • Do you use Nextdoor and if so, would a Nextdoor Group be a good way for you to communicate with everyone?  
  • If not Nextdoor, which means of communication would you prefer?  
  • Do you have any particular needs or Coronavirus risk factors that the Network could help address? 
  • Do you have any skills or anything else you could bring to the network? 

Download a sample form and a copy of this notice for you to use to gather this information. 

When interacting with your Neighbors, please remember to:

  • Keep your social distance. 
  • Don’t enter any neighbor’s house if at all avoidable.   If you have to wear rubber gloves and face masks.
  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds.  
  • Keep current on our Glen Meadow neighborhood information by reading 

Many thanks for your help.  
Al Daniels

President, Glen Meadow Neighborhood Association    

Welcome Home

Glen Meadow Estates resides within the area bound by I-635, Midway, Forest and Marsh.

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