Northaven Park established (1955)

Northaven Park starts at Royal Lane and runs north along Joe’s Creek.  The section north of Forest Lane was originally part of the subdivision Sales Office and Swimming Pool.  After the build-out of the community, the area grew up in weeds.  Nobody took ownership.  The land was eventually transferred from the swimming pool to the City of Dallas because the swimming pool could not pay the high property taxes.  It officially became part of Northaven Park which lies between Royal Lane and Forest Lane and was commonly known as Glen Cove Park.  Officially it was Northaven Park-North.

First homes built in our community (1961)

Memories of the first homes in the neighborhood:

“Brent Herling says his parents, James & Michele Herling bought the first house built by Fox and Jacobs, the builders who designed our neighborhood streets and alleys. The house at 3941 Clear Cove  was originally a Sales and Show home for Fox & Jacobs.  It's where Brent and his family live now.”  by Sandy Redick

“Two houses were built in 1957 at 3827 and 3963 Calculus.”  by Frances Lancaster.

“Most of the first houses built in 1961 were on Royal Palms Court, with one being built on Deep Valley and one on Circle Bluff.”  By Danny Alan Scott.

Glen Cove / Meadow Park Homeowner’s Association Incorporated (November 1989)

Volunteers In Patrol or VIP started (1994)

Improvements made to Glen Cove Park (May 1995)
The City of Dallas and the Glen Cove/ Meadow Park Home Owners Association developed the Park through the years. 

A big work weekend in the summer of 1995 was organized and led by Doug Lawyer and Pat Doyle.  Lawyer moved in 1996 but Doyle still lives on Deep Valley.  The volunteers built the concrete curb around the play area and installed new equipment, which was later replaced or augmented.  If you look today you can see names and the date 5/95 etched in the top of the concrete curb.  One of the commemorative bricks says "Thank you HOA volunteers 94-95".

Volunteers also built the first bridge over the creek, which was later replaced.  It was a corrugated steel cylindrical culvert with concrete abutments and topping.  The concrete was mixed and poured by hand, along with erosion control blocks and concrete along the creek banks.  Some has washed away over the years.  The Boy Scout troop helped on with this project.  The City parks department provided obstruction and red tape in attempt to stop the bridge construction.  They refused to accept ownership or responsibility for the park or bridge.   The City originally insisted on a concrete bridge designed and built to city standard specifications, but in the end they just decided to ignore the volunteer project.

Ed Simpson and his family paid an electrician to drop power from the existing light pole in the park and install a power outlet box at the base of the pole.  Many families contributed so much time and labor, too many to mention.  The neighborhood wanted electricity for the July 4th festivities. Later the gazebo was built, along with an improved power vault.  The HOA also paid for the water main tap and the water fountain.
Gazebo was built in Glen Cove Park and given to the City of Dallas (April 2000)

The gazebo was officially dedicated on April 16, 2000 in conjunction with a band concert, flag raising, and Easter egg hunt.  Dallas City Councilwoman Donna Blummer praised the Glen Clove/Meadow Park HOA for their park efforts.  She presented Eric Sperling, who was a major mover in the gazebo project, with a City Proclamation.

Eric and Carolyn Sperling also donated the flag pole, a flag, and the granite sign that reads: FOR ALL WHO SERVE which is placed in front of the flag pole, as well as, the sidewalk and bricks around the flag pole.  All were used at the dedication of the Gazebo.  The flag pole and flag were over $4,000 and with the cost and installation of the Gazebo, the Board voted against purchasing this.  Eric felt so strongly about this beautiful and significant addition that he funded the project on his own and donated it to the City of Dallas as part of the Gazebo.

Name changed to Glen Meadow Estates Home Owners Association (September 2009)

At the September 22, 2009 Annual Meeting, it was proposed and approved by the general membership to change the name of our homeowner association to Glen Meadow Estates Home Owners Association and start marketing the neighborhood as Glen Meadow Estates. 

Glen Meadow is a combination of a few names of the subdivisions in our neighborhood: Crestpark Club; Glen Cove East; Forest Glen; Glen Cove Park; Meadow Park and Rosser Village.  The legal description of each property will continue to reflect the original subdivision name.  Glen Meadow Estates was a briefer name and unifies the neighborhood. 
Webster’s Dictionary states "Glen is a narrow secluded mountain valley" and "Meadow is a low level grassland near a stream (Joe’s Creek).”  

Completion of new street sign topper installation in Glen Meadow Estates (August 2011)

The Sign Topper Committee was chaired by Pauline Bourqui with Al Daniels, Jim Ovens and Danny Alan Scott.  On August 21, 2009 Pauline Bourqui came up with the ideas, while Jim Ovens came up with the gazebo design.  The installation of toppers was completed in three cycles and was finished on August 8, 2011.

Renaming dedication of Glen Meadow Park, formerly know as Northhaven Park North and Glen Cove Park (July 2012)

On July 5, 2011, Glen Meadow Estates HOA submitted a petition with 531 signatures of local residents to the City of Dallas requesting a name change to Glen Meadow Park.  The name change was granted, but due to a tight City budget, the homeowners association was requested to pay the $6,279 cost for a new park sign, which the HOA did.  This dedication completed a six year effort.
Glen Meadow Estates Homeowners Association Storage Building Installed (October 2012)
The HOA signed an agreement with Glen Cove Swim Club for use of the land at the northeast corner of the Swim Club’s parking lot.  In return, the HOA will provided one full page ad annually in our GME HOA Voice newsletter.

GME HOA ordered a 10’ x 10’ x 6’ high sheet steel storage building.  During the month of October, Home Depot and Lowe's, along with generous neighbors including Scott Cooper, Al Daniels, Kirk Griffin, and Michael Birdsong, donated time and money to ensure the storage building would meet our needs into the future.

Glen Meadow Estates Homeowners Association Changes Name to Glen Meadow Neighborhood Association (September 2015)
Because the organization is voluntary and to better represent what the association represents, the Home Owners Association was dropped and replaced with Neighborhood Association.


Key Community Milestones

1955:    Northaven Park established 
1961:    First homes built in our community 
1989:    Glen Cove / Meadow Park Homeowner’s                 Association incorporated          
1994:    VIP (Volunteers In Patrol) started

1995:    Improvements made to Glen Cove Park

2000:    Gazebo built in Glen Cove Park and given               to the City of Dallas
2009:    Name changed to Glen Meadow Estates                 Homeowners  

2011:    New street sign topper installation                             throughout Glen Meadow Estates

2012:    Renaming dedication of Glen Meadow                     Park (formerly Northhaven Park and Glen                 Cove Park) GME HOA Storage Building                   Installed 

2015:    Name changed to Glen Meadow                               Neighborhood Association  

Glen Meadow is a neighborhood association established as a non-profit corporation in the state of Texas and was created for the purpose of maintaining the common areas and providing services of benefit to the homeowners.

Glen Meadow Estates NA members reside within the area bounded by LBJ, Forest Lane, Midway and Marsh. The first single-family home was built in 1961 and the neighborhood currently includes approximately 1,100 homes.

Through our voluntary NA membership dues, we have been able to accomplish more and have a larger impact upon our neighborhood.  For example, the gazebo and playground equipment at Glen Meadow Park were built with funds from Glen Meadow NA membership dues.


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