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Atmos Energy Contacts

Dallas Emergency: 911
Before Digging: 811
Atmos Emergency Number: (800) 322-8667
Atmos Customer Service: (888) 286-6700

Allen Hawkins, Atmos Director Operations 

2601 Logan Street, Dallas, TX 75215
Offiec: 214-426-7029

Cell: 214-316-4894

e-mail: Allen.Hawkins@atmosenergy.com

Monica Davidson, Atmos Operations Construction Manager
Office: 214-426-7082      

e-mail: Monica.Davidson@atmosenergy.com

Jonathan Fredi, Atmos Public Relations Manager
Office: 469-644-0924 

e-mail: Jonathan.Fredi@atmosenergy.com

Leticia Saenz, Atmos Public Relations
Office: 214-546-2044

e-mil: Leticia.Saenz@atmosenergy.com


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